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University Core Curriculum Programs

About the University Core Curriculum Programs

The Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi core curriculum consists of the First-Year Learning Communities Program and the 45 Hour Core Curriculum Program of study which is required of undergraduates, and provides a foundation for all majors. Each course in this group of required courses has been reviewed and approved on the basis of its potential to contribute to the achievement of the following core goals:

  • To introduce students to the content and methods of a broad range of disciplines (e.g., natural sciences, social sciences, fine arts);
  • To help students develop intellectual skills (including reading, writing, speaking, listening, mathematical competency, and critical thinking) which are essential for learning in various disciplines, and for continued learning in life outside of the University;
  • To provide students with multiple perspectives on, and contrasting views of, the world in which they live (e.g., various views of society, of the phenomena of the physical world, and of the relationship of the individual to society and to physical phenomena; perspectives on ethics, and on the relationships among abstract quantities);
  • And to help students recognize connections between different disciplines and perspectives.

Achieving the goals listed above prepares students for academic work in the majors, enables them to develop their own goals, values, and perspectives, and helps them become reflective, productive citizens.  Visit the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for additional information about state guidelines for the core curriculum.

Mission Statement

The University Core Curriculum Programs develops, implements and evaluates undergraduate academic and academic-support programs that establish a foundation for general education, provide lifelong learning skills and support the attainment of academic and career goals.
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